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Announcing a newly redesigned Residential Generator web page on Duthie Power’s website!


Duthie Power Services is proud to announce the debut of a newly redesigned webpage devoted to home generator sales. With the recent growth of their residential sales division, the Duthie marketing team set out to create a webpage that provides homeowners with all the information they need to secure the right kind of backup power for their home.


Featuring newly-produced videos with KFI AM 640’s Dean Sharp (aka “The House Whisperer”) in conversation with Duthie Power Sales Engineer Peter Thornton, the new website answers frequently asked questions so homeowners can fully understand what it takes to install a permanent standby generator.


The Effect of Working from Home


The rise in working from home, attending school from home, and simply spending more time at home during the pandemic brought about a greater demand for home backup power. As Karen Cooper, Duthie’s Residential Sales Specialist, explains, “We started selling home generators a few years ago because we saw homeowners experiencing more frequent power outages and shutoffs, but demand has exploded in the last year.” The new webpage features specs for the Honeywell and Champion standby generators, as well as for a new portable generator option they have in stock for the busy fire season.


The 10kW Champion Tri-Fuel Portable Generator, Duthie’s latest option for homeowners, is featured in a new video on the new webpage. In the video, Kyle Michael, Duthie Power’s lead Sales Engineer for their San Diego division, demonstrates the three fuel options (propane, natural gas, gasoline), as well as how to hook up the portable generator for safe use.


Envision a New Generator at your Home


Duthie Power’s marketing team wanted to create a webpage that helps homeowners visualize a new generator on their property. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to visualize their “dream kitchen” or “dream backyard,” but “dream generator” isn’t usually on that list. “We understand how important visual aids are when you’re asking a homeowner to make space for a generator,” says Jennifer Watkins, Duthie Power’s Marketing Manager, “which is why the new website tells more of a story to homeowners about how a generator will look on their property and, most importantly, the peace of mind it will bring them in a power outage.”


For over fifty-five years, Duthie Power has served Southern California’s industrial generator market as the leading provider of new equipment installations, generator maintenance, and emergency power supply rentals. The expansion into the residential market is another way for the Duthie Power team to deliver on their mission statement that “we believe everyone deserves access to affordable power.” Shana Duthie, Head of Sales and Marketing, adds, “Our newly redesigned residential generator webpage will hopefully serve as a both a resource for local SoCal homeowners, but also homeowners across the country.”

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