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Reasons to Buy a Portable Generator for your Home or Business

If your home or business can’t function without a continuous power supply to essential components like the internet, refrigeration, and security systems, you need to have a reliable source of backup power. When it comes to backup power solutions, you have options. Buildings with adequate space and a bigger budget will get the most reliable backup power from a permanent standby generator. If you have a more limited budget and space, a portable generator is the way to go. 

Champion’s 10kW Tri-Fuel portable generator is an affordable solution for homes that either can’t afford a standby generator or don’t have the space and permitting to allow installation of a permanent generator. With a tri fuel option that, with the turn of a knob, allows the homeowner to use either natural gas, propane or regular gasoline, plus an electric ignition, the Tri-Fuel 10kw portable diesel generator is a flexible and reliable source of emergency backup power.

Homeowners Need Backup Power Too

From Ventura County to San Diego, Southern Californians are becoming more and more accustomed to power outages and public safety power shutoffs. Where once a suburban home in Lakewood, CA, was relatively immune to power outages during wildfire season, they are now experiencing frequent planned outages so utility companies can mitigate wildfires elsewhere on the electrical grid.

Duthie Power’s Sales team explains, “Homeowners are working from home and becoming increasingly reliant on electrical appliances, whether it’s their refrigerator and air-conditioning or a safety system and Wifi. Unfortunately, Southern California homes tend to be built close to one another which doesn’t allow the five feet of clearance needed to safely install a standby generator.”

Cost Difference between Portable and Standby Generators

To assure safety, installation of a generator is best done by an electrician or professional who understands electrical panels and gas lines; however, this expertise adds to the cost of purchasing a standby generator. Champion’s 10kW is an excellent option for folks whose homes or businesses can’t safely accommodate a permanent generator and can’t afford the extra $8- $10,000 for installation. Additionally, the three fuel options make it a resilient choice when gas is scarce.

Champion is not only an excellent manufacturer of emergency power supplies, but it’s also a fellow Southern California-local business with offices up the freeway from Duthie Power in Santa Fe Springs. Champion’s quality assurance is evident in the Tri-Fuel’s “CO Shield Technology” – a protection against carbon monoxide poisoning when generators are run in poorly ventilated areas.

The Champion Tri-Fuel portable generator also comes with hoses for quick connection to your natural gas line or a propane tank. As Kyle Michael, Duthie Power Sales Engineer, demonstrates in a Tri-Fuel showcase video, you can quickly set up this portable generator to deliver power to your home or home office within minutes.

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