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What are the benefits of a triple switch?

Easier to Stay in Compliance

 NFPA 70.3 (F) (5) states, as per this code, “They legally require systems to be able to connect a temporary source of power for emergency systems that rely on a single alternate source of power which will be disabled for maintenance or repairs without modification of the permanent systems wiring.” What does this mean exactly? It means that critical facilities need to be able to quickly hook up to temporary power when their emergency supply system is down for maintenance or repairs.

A permanently installed generator is the first step in ensuring your business won’t go offline in an emergency. For certain industries – hospitals, data centers, utilities – going offline is never an option. When critical facilities such as these schedule a load test or ATS test, or even regular generator maintenance, they also schedule a rental generator hookup during their service in order ensure they are in compliance with NFPA 70.3. How does a triple switch help with compliance?

Save Time in an Emergency

During a power outage, every second counts between when the power is out and when your backup power system is on. With a generator and automatic transfer switch attached to a Triple Switch, there is no need to spend the time to run cables through a building to the Main Switch to connect the rental generator. The generator transfer switch is typically mounted outside the building where the rental generator can easily be parked.

Faster Transition back to power during Load Tests

Sometimes outages can occur at the worst time, such as when your generator is getting tested and serviced. In these instances, a triple switch can help speed up the transition from one power source to another. For example, when a load bank is being used on a generator through the Triple Switch and the main power goes out, the switch will stop the load test and switch the customers generator to power the building.

Facilitates faster hookup of Rental Generators

 Generally, when a rental generator needs to be hooked up to a building, it requires a power shutdown of the entire building until the rental generator is connected to the building. This also goes for when the rental generator needs to be removed. If you can’t afford to shut down power, a triple switch will save you time and keep you in compliance.

Duthie Power has one of the largest rental fleets in Southern California to help your business through an emergency. For assistance with any of your equipment maintenance needs or to install a triple switch, call us at (562)790-1772 or email

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