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Duthie Power Services and Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) keep Southern California Online during Power Outages

Duthie Power generator technician servicing an emergency power suppy system. Duthie Power is proud to announce they are partnering with Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) to offer their uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to Southern California’s generator customers. This pairing of services and goods ensures property managers and business owners won’t experience a delay between the power going out and backup power turning on during a power outage.

When the power goes out, what do you do? If you’ve done business with Duthie Power Services and CPT, then it’s likely you have an emergency power supply system in place to ensure your essentials stay powered up. In today’s world, “essentials” include more than keeping the lights and air conditioning on, they include servers and safety systems. Duthie Power is proud to work with CPT and offer their uninterruptible power supply generator so customers have peace of mind from knowing their essentials stay powered up in an emergency.

Power Industry Acronyms

As in many industries, the generator and energy markets have a plethora of acronyms. UPS, as offered by CPT, refers to a system that offers near instantaneous backup power when a main power source fails, typically with energy stored in a battery unit.

Southern California property owners, whether commercial or residential, know all too well what “PSPS” stands for – public safety power shutoff. A PSPS occurs when severe weather threatens power lines in high fire zones, so the power company preemptively shuts down power to prevent wildfires and keep communities safe.

How do Duthie Power Services and CPT help companies manage through a power outage? Duthie Power installs standby generators with backup batteries from CPT to ensure there is almost no interruption to your power source in an outage or PSPS.

As Duthie Power Sales Engineer Mike Goodman explains, “A UPS unit carries power from the moment the power goes out until the moment the generator kicks in. It should be 10 seconds, but that can be a lifetime if you’re working on something critical.”

There’s one more acronym- ATS, or automatic transfer switch. The ATS ensures a safe transfer of the electrical load away from the power source that’s failing over to the backup generator. Erik Duthie, General Manager of Duthie Power describes it “like a bunch of people holding hands. The power goes out, UPS kicks in, ATS works to safely transfer power, then UPS drops out and the generator takes over.”

The Value of Partnerships

Partnerships are important in the energy market as manufacturers specialize their equipment more with proprietary software and technology. Which is why Duthie Power’s partnership with CPT is a great fit. Both companies have been working in Southern California for decades and understand the unique needs of California businesses and homeowners.

Erik Duthie expands on how crucial their services can be- “If you’re a hospital or in manufacturing or data processing, seconds can feel like minutes when the power goes out. They can even be life or death.”

If a UPS battery works so effectively to prevent immediate power loss during any outage, then why not invest in a massive battery unit? The technology simply can’t supply enough power yet. Backup batteries also rely on a power source from which they recharge and store energy, so that’s why most companies that utilize UPS have a backup generator. The technology may evolve time, but for now it’s partnerships between experts like Duthie Power and CPT that give business owners and managers options that suit their needs.

Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) was formed in 1986 from a wide frustration of many Southern California users by the lack of Power Protection manufacture’s service capabilities. This frustration was from a failure to provide personal, honest and reliable Power Protection service. Since that time, CPT’s customer loyalty has allowed us to grow at a steady, manageable rate over the years. CPT is now viewed as the dominant Critical Power Service Organization in the Region. CPT is based in Southern California with field service offices located throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and surrounding counties. Our corporate facility is equipped with new training facilities and labs that provide for 1-phase and 3-phase electrical development and training, as well as full equipment testing and repair.

For over 50 years, Duthie Power Services has served as the largest independent generator and fire pump service provider in Southern California. The Duthie team specializes in generator sales, installations, rentals, routine maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency power restoration. The company’s commitment to using high-quality parts, coupled with fast, guaranteed customer service and preventative maintenance packages, have made them an industry leader. Duthie Power is a family-owned business and active member of BOMA San Diego (Building Owners and Managers Association), as well as EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) with offices in Long Beach and San Diego, California.

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