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Is Buying a Home Generator Worth it?

Champion home generator in the back yard of a home with a patio, patio furniture and outdoor lights.Oftentimes the value of something is intangible. An heirloom that isn’t worth much could hold sentimental value for you, or a practical item like an old cast iron pan that didn’t cost much might be your prized possession. With our home investments, value can also be subjective. For a swimmer, adding a pool is a priority. Or, like many homeowners in the deserts and foothills, adding a home backup generator is essential for your safety and peace of mind.

From an investment standpoint, does a standby generator add value to a home? Are home generators worth it? The answer depends on where a house is situated. For example, buyers in stable climates with robust power grids might not think they’ll need a generator enough to justify the investment. “Stable climates,” however, are becoming few and far between.


Power Outages Happen Everywhere Now


Even homeowners who don’t live in high fire hazard areas are experiencing power outages because of how our electrical grid is connected. There might not be imminent danger of a wildfire in your neighborhood, but the power lines in your neighborhood are connected to power lines in more vulnerable areas where wildfires are likely, leaving everyone at risk of losing power.

To mitigate this domino effect, more and more utility companies are using public safety power shutoffs to turn off power coming from power lines in fire zones. So, if you’re a homeowner in Lakewood or Whittier, both charming and classic Southern California neighborhoods, you might be experiencing way more power outages than in years’ past. And a home generator is looking like a much more valuable investment these days, regardless of whether it affects your home’s appraisal.


The Value of Peace of Mind


The value is apparent when you’re the only home on the block with your lights on during a blackout. Or when your food doesn’t spoil because your backup generator was able to keep the refrigerator and air-conditioning running on a hot day. The good news is there is a range in how much you can spend on a generator, depending on whether you get a permanent standby generator or a portable one.

A Consumer Reports generator testing expert recommends home standby generators, especially if you can afford it. At Duthie Power, Residential Sales Specialist Karen Cooper, takes the time to listen and understand a homeowners’ concerns before recommending a size and type of generator. As Karen explains, “A lot of times we have folks calling in very concerned about heat waves and power shutoffs in their area, but they’re not sure how much power they need. I’m able to walk them through identifying their priorities so they can choose the most cost-effective backup power solution for their needs.”


You Decide What’s Best for Your Home


Ultimately, the decision to purchase a home generator demonstrates you care about your home and your family’s safety. With “work from home” becoming more common, alongside more frequent extreme weather events, homeowners cannot take it for granted that they will have electricity when they need it.

Duthie Power believes that everyone should have access to affordable power. In service of that guiding principle and building off over fifty years in the generator industry, it makes sense to share our expertise and mission with Southern California’s homeowners. Let us know how we can assist you with taking the next step in securing a reliable domestic backup generator for your home.

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