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Importance of Contingency Planning



GUEST BLOG: Written by the staff at Trystar

In terms of maintaining normal business operations of a company, company contingency planning is essential to making sure the least amount of turbulence is created when a disruption occurs. Planning ahead isn’t always easy or convenient, but sometimes having a plan saves a company thousands of dollars, data, or even lives. No one wants to encounter a business-disruptive situation but preparing for the inevitable is essential for a better outcome.

Here are some things that showcase the importance of contingency planning:

  • When there is an interruption to a business, having a secure backup plan minimizes loss of production. By spending time gathering necessary tools for a disruption, business is brought back to power in a matter of minutes rather than hours.
  • Loss of assets are also minimized. During an outage, if power is restored quickly, then less data and other assets are lost. For example, a power outage at a data center is very expensive, averaging at $8,851 per each minute without power.
  • The ability to have peace at mind allows you to focus on your business. After developing a contingency plan, you can carry on with your business as normal without worrying about extreme weather causing permanent damage.

Day to day operations are time-consuming, pertinent and demanding but it is still important to expect the unexpected and prepare for it. No matter your business, a power loss, extreme weather, crises or other events will disrupt your business. Each business should create a complete contingency power plan, that covers all bases. During a loss of power, having emergency backup generator docking stations simplify and shorten the process of restoring energy to buildings.


Founded in 1991, Trystar is a family-owned, customer-focused manufacturer of power distribution equipment, cable and generator docking stations. Trystar is a leader in generator docking stations for hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and retailers. Trystar believes that docking stations are an important aspect of contingency planning. Especially in industries where power is critical, Trystar Generator Docking stations can be the solution to lives, data, or money lost during an outage. In these situations, the right way is the only way which is why our products are built to the highest standard.

 Trystar Docking Stations pair well with trailer-mounted generators to provide quick recovery to a power outage.

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