Yellow, shiny glow to signify polished fuel.

Fuel Polishing: 6 Things You Need To Know

Like so many good things, diesel fuel doesn’t last forever. But fuel polishing can make it last a lot longer.  Why is this important?  Because left unused, generator fuel can go bad. And if your fuel goes bad, you’ll have not one but two new problems: First, you’ll have to pay for unnecessary new fuel.  Second, you’ll risk getting stuck in a […]

Screenshot of the opening credits for a tutorial video on diesel fuel polishing produced by Duthie Power Services.

Video: The Importance of Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel does not last forever. You may not realize it, but diesel fuel has a shelf life. Over time, when left unused, it can grow stale and even turn bad. Fuel goes bad in equipment such as emergency generators which utilize fuel, but only infrequently as needed.  It occurs when water molecules from tank condensation bond with the diesel fuel, providing food for microbial growth, but can also happen when sludge, […]

What is Fuel Polishing in a Generator Tank?

What is Fuel Polishing in a Generator Tank? What is a Fuel Polishing Service? Fuel polishing is the process of drawing the fuel from the tank through a filter system and back into the tank. During this, it constantly circulates that fuel through the filter to capture all the water and elements that have accumulated in the diesel fuel. For more information […]

The Difference Between Generator Replacement Fuel and Fuel Polishing

  Diesel Fuel Polishing vs. Diesel Fuel Replacement Fuel polishing is the preferred way to go. It saves a lot of money and you hate to dispose of the older diesel fuel. There is a lot of cost in the disposal of hazmat fuel. Replacing it is only at the extreme necessity if the fuel polishing is not enough to clean that […]

Cleaning a Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tank

Cleaning a Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tank How Do You Clean a Diesel Fuel Tank When you clean your diesel tank you want to have it full of fuel (so you’re cleaning the entire tank). When you clean it there is a device that goes down like a snake into the tank. It vibrates and goes all the way around the tank banging […]

Problems That Arise With Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tanks

Problems That Arise With Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tanks Common Generator Gas Tank Problems The biggest problem with a diesel fuel tank and the storage of fuel is water and bio chemical growth that can arise in the tank. So those have to be kept clean. With diesel fuel you have fuel filters in the generator that will catch a lot of it […]