Champion home generator installed near the side garden of a house.

Checklist: Is Your Standby Home Generator Ready For a Blackout?

The current social distancing rules in California mean that reliable home electricity matters more than ever. Remote work, family entertainment, and connection to the outside world now require reliable 24/7 home electricity.  Unfortunately, California’s electric infrastructure is not the most reliable; many Californians have experienced the increasing number and length of recent blackouts.  That means it’s time to ensure that your standby […]

Icon of a house and a standby generator under the words "Portable versus Stand-by Infographic".

Infographic: Should I Get a Portable or a Standby Home Generator?

Californians are increasingly realizing the importance of having an independent power source. Home generators provide not only electricity for essential household operations, but also much-needed security and peace of mind.  As homeowners decide on their new generator, one of the first questions they ask is:  Should I Get a Portable or Standby Generator?  We’ve created this portable vs standby generator infographic to […]

San Diego skyline from the waterfront.

“Now They Know Our Name” Duthie Power Celebrates One Year and 50 New Customers in San Diego

[ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA, April 17—] “A year ago, most San Diego generator owners didn’t even recognize the name ‘Duthie’,” remembers Kyle Michael, Duthie’s head San Diego sales engineer.  But as Duthie Power’s San Diego location celebrates its first anniversary, it also celebrates 50 new customers who soon recognized the team’s quick response time, painstaking work ethic, and affordable pricing.  “This achievement — 50 […]

Would Your Business Survive an Extended Power Outage?

What Would Happen to Your Business if it Lost Power for 48 Hours or More? Look to the NFPA 2019 Update   Access to power is like access to the air we breath – we don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. In the same way we all need breath to survive, your business needs electricity to survive. Without a regularly maintained backup […]

Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage

Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage San Diego Power Outage 2011: Our Biggest Outage The Power outage in San Diego in 2011 – that was probably the largest outage we have had to deal with. We have over 20 technicians in the service department, and six in the rental department. Depending on how many different events there are, we can handle five major […]

Which Generator Battery is Most Common?

Which Generator Battery is Most Common? Which Generator Start Battery is Most Common? Most generator service companies have a large stock of all the different sizes of batteries that are most commonly used in generator applications. For example, at Duthie we have 8D’s and 4D’s – these are used in our larger generators (typically 500 KW and above) and then we have […]