Home Generator vs Commercial Generator

Home Generator vs Commercial Generator Are home backup power generators like their commercial counterparts or are they very different machines? Peter Thornton, one of Duthie Power Services’ Sales Engineers as well as Ask Pete from our website, explains the differences and similarities between a home generator and an industrial generator. Hint! They’re not all that different. Both have the same setup and [...]
Infographic outlining the timeline for a home generator installation.

Home Standby Generator Installation Timeline

Purchasing a home standby generator unit is just the start of a project that can take six months to complete. Our timeline walks you through the most common factors that lead to delays in the home generator installation process. Luckily, supply isn’t an issue at Duthie Power Services. We have a variety of home backup power solutions in stock to fit your […]

Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton in a radio studio at KFI AM 640 being interviewed by Dean Sharp.

Why you need to buy a Home Generator this year

A guest blog from Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Pete Thornton, aka “Ask Pete.”   I had the honor of being on KFI AM 640’s show, “At Home with Dean Sharp,” hosted by the House Whisperer himself, Dean Sharp, every Sunday. Dean invited me as a special guest to discuss Duthie Power’s involvement in home emergency generators. We had a spirited conversation about […]

Everything you need to know about Public Safety Power Shutoffs

  Southern California residents are aware of the unique “seasons” we experience here- June gloom, fire season, Santa Ana winds– but in recent years the timelines for these weather events are getting stretched or occurring at altogether surprising times. Take the Santa Anas, an annual wind evoking plenty of regional folklore and allergies galore, that typically start in October but whose season […]

Champion Home Generator wrapped in a red Christmas bow as a holiday gift.

A Generator for Christmas? Giving Peace of Mind to Your Loved Ones

On the outside, a generator gift doesn’t seem like the most romantic under-the-holly present ever. (Although some do look surprisingly sleek!) But in the darkest, coldest time of year (not to mention the wettest and dreariest), a generator means your loved ones can count on warmth and light. (As Duthie team member Korry discovered when a blizzard tore through her parents’ mountain […]