Caricature of Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton, the face of Duthie's website feature, "Ask Pete!"

Duthie Power Services launches “Ask Pete!” – a website feature dedicated to answering consumers’ questions about generators

Remember It was the go-to website to submit questions before we had Google, Alexa, Siri and a whole host of other online resources for getting quick answers. We still have – the modern version of its earlier Jeeves alter ego – but it’s one of many, many websites you can turn to for answers to general questions. So how do […]

Screenshot of the Duthie Power Services website home page with the customer portal Login button highlighted.

Save Time & Slay Paperwork with Our Customer Portal

If you’re a facility manager, you already know that there’s too little time and too much paperwork. The last thing you need is yet another pile of bills, invoices, or service call reminders to keep track of.  And this is especially true if you’re managing more than one site. If you’ve tried keeping all the files, records, bills and invoices — for […]