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What’s in a Name? We’re D-U-T-H-I-E

We’ve heard all the variations on our name:

“Duffy Power?” No. That’s the name of a 60’s British Blues and Rock singer.

“Doothie Power?” (It’s pronounced Duh-thie, just think like, “oh duh”)

“Oh! Like those electric Duffy boats?” To be clear, there is no “f” in Duthie.

Even if you mistakenly search for “Dothie Power Services,” Google will politely ask “Did you mean: Duthie Power Services” with a “u.”  

So, we ask: what’s in a name? For us, a family legacy. Duthie Power Services was founded in 1965 by Walter R. Duthie under the name “Walter R. Duthie Electric” in Wilmington, CA. By 1983, we changed our name to “Duthie Electric Service Corp” and, eventually, “Duthie Power Services” in the late 1980’s. Regardless of our name changes, from the very start we’ve been a Duthie family business focused on our belief that everyone should have access to affordable backup power sources.


How We Define Family


“Family” business means both literal members of the Duthie family as well as our employee family, which includes many folks who have worked at Duthie for decades. Rick Duthie, President, and Kyle Michael, our Lead Sales Engineer in charge of the San Diego Duthie Power division, are both members of the Duthie family.

Our extended family of long-time employees is such a long list that it’s reminiscent of an older time when employees didn’t move workplaces as frequently as they do now. There is of course Karen Fic, Office Manager, who’s been with us for over fifteen years and Neil Dao, one of our expert Generator Technicians, who has over 20 years with Duthie. Other members of the “over 25 years club” include Kevin Gates (Sales Engineer), Kim Phi (Assistant Controller), and finally Jairo Nuñez (Purchasing) with over 30 years!

Many of our employees have cited how much they appreciate the supportive culture at Duthie as reasons for their longtime employment here. In fact, in a blog published last year on what it’s like to work at Duthie Power Services, staff repeatedly emphasized aspects of our work culture that felt “like family”-  we give each other a helping hand, I’m always learning new things, it’s my second home.


Must Love Dogs


We would be remiss if we did not mention the furry, four-legged members of our Duthie family. From Duke to Roxie to Frank and Pete, we’ve got a range of breeds with a whole lot of personality. It’s not just an accommodation, either. Duthie Power Services is officially a dog-friendly office, a “plus” we promote when hiring new employees. This part of our work culture stems from our management being passionate about dog rescue, not to mention dogs just make us all happier.

Now that you’re more confident in how to pronounce our name, we hope you can also benefit from the family feeling in our offices. Our focus has always been on providing the highest quality service to our customers. When your mom or sibling needs support, you tailor your time and support to help as much as you can. We approach our work the same way – always taking a wholistic view of our customers’ requests to ensure all their concerns are addressed with quality work. It’s a value we have always stood by and the reason we’re honored to be called Southern California’s “Generator Experts.”

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