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What’s the New Normal for Generator Maintenance?

There’s a new normal for everything these days, and generator monitoring is no exception.  

Limited staff, irregular building access, and financial uncertainty have made generator maintenance a challenge for several of our customers. In some cases, a furloughed site engineer means that another staff member is now responsible for maintaining equipment that they never needed to know about pre-pandemic. 

So we’ve recently fielded questions such as:

  • “What kind of fuel do generators use?”
  • “How much should generator fuel cost?” 
  • (our favorite) “Where IS our generator anyway?”

We’re happy that new generator managers are asking these questions, because the need for generator maintenance is as great as ever. Sadly, California’s frequent blackouts haven’t gone anywhere, so businesses still rely on well-maintained, repaired, and serviced generators to keep running. 

Since public health precautions have changed how often we can meet customers in person, we’ve created processes to ensure our usual 5-star services while also protecting everyone’s health and safety:

No-Contact Generator Services and Repairs

Fortunately, most generator services and repairs don’t actually require anyone except our generator technician. 

So since the beginning of the pandemic, our process has been to simply ask for access to the generator. The technician arrives by himself (only one person per truck allowed) and always wears a mask, while our administrative team handles all paperwork online. 

This no-contact service eliminates any need for the customer to be on the scene, which both complies with public health guidelines and saves you a car trip!

Remote Generator Monitoring

If your generator’s in good condition, you might not even have to spring for an onsite visit. 

Our remote generator monitoring program gives our technicians continually updated and detailed status on your generator. This lets us make sure your generator’s doing well without even having to go onsite, so you can have peace of mind about your generator’s condition while respecting social distancing guidelines.  

Online Scheduling through the Duthie App 

You don’t even have to call us during business hours to schedule a no-contact service, sales or maintenance call. (Though if you prefer, we’re at 1 (800) 899-3931.) 

You can also schedule one online:

  • At the “Schedule” link on top of our home page
  • On your phone with the Duthie App. (Search “Duthie” in the app store to find and download it.)
  • Here

Duthie Customer Portal

Paperwork is even more difficult to keep track of, now that so many office buildings are shut down or limiting how many people can be in the office at the same time. Duthie’s secure portal lets you: 

  • Easily view the details & service history for each piece of your Duthie equipment 
  • View generator & Duthie service information for all your sites, all in one place
  • Schedule service calls without writing an email
  • Review and approve Duthie invoices & quotes in a couple quick clicks
  • Access all this from anywhere with your computer, phone or tablet 

Basically, it does much of your Duthie filing work for you. Check out how to use it at our 

Guide to Duthie Customers’ Online Portal.

Questions About Generator Maintenance in the New Normal? 

Maybe you’ve just been saddled with responsibility for a generator while the facility manager is furloughed. Maybe you’re a facility manager who’s worried about the expense of in-person generator checkups, or wondering if you should delay repairs due to shrinking maintenance budgets. 

From “Where’s our generator?” to “How can I prepare for blackouts on a shoestring budget?” our team is here to answer your new-normal generator questions at tel:18008993931 and online at Contact Duthie Power

Wishing you peace and health, this summer more than ever.

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