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Duthie Power Partners with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. to Provide High-Quality Industrial Generators

Massive businesses, ranging from medical facilities to high-end residences, can now be fully powered in a blackout by Duthie Power’s new offering: Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. high-quality industrial generators that range from 20 to 2000 kWe.

“Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. generators come in a vast variety of price points and capabilities,” explains Erik Duthie, General Manager of Duthie Power Services. “Whether our industrial clients need their entire business to keep running in an outage, or just need to cover peak loads or essential functions, Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. offers the perfect fit.”

When looking to expand Duthie’s offerings, Erik and Shana Duthie decided to carry and install Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. products for their competitive pricing, stellar customer service, and robust designs. Duthie sales engineer Peter Thornton shares why he was pleased with this decision:

“The generators really sold themselves, but it was the support we receive from Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. that sold me. The ability to get immediate information on any product was far better than any other manufacturer has given us. Our Sales Account Manager, Mr. Phil Novak, has always been very responsive to all my requests for information, pricing and customer special requests.

As well as the flexibility to design the perfect generator solution for each customer’s needs, we also knew that Duthie Power Services needed a manufacturer as customer-driven as we are. My customers have been very pleased with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. quick response time and experienced, comprehensive answers to their related questions. Instead of cookie-cutter replies, they know they have a real partner in their projects.”

Duthie Power sells, installs, and services Blue Star generators, offering a full turnkey service for businesses, large building owners, and homeowners with large residences. “If you choose us for installation as well, we’ll install each generator with an automatic transfer switch so that when your power goes off, your generator goes on,” notes Erik. “You’ll hardly notice that the power went out.”

Commercial Generators for Homeowners

As extreme weather events increase in frequency in California, homeowners with secondary homes in remote locations or large estates in fire-prone regions are investing in high-quality industrial generators to ensure they stay online and powered up during power outages.

What used to be essential for rural homeowners has become essential for professionals working from home who rely on a suite of connected devices to keep their homes safe- security systems, smart speakers and lighting, WiFi for streaming and work or school participation, and more. Residential generators can ensure protection for many large homes, but high end residential and luxury home construction often opt for a commercial generator to ensure higher power demands are met and uninterrupted.

“From our end, Duthie Power Services is the perfect example of the type of distributor we look to partner with to sell and support our products,” said company founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doug Fahrforth. “Distributors that have a strong presence in their markets and share our core value system only add to our continued goal of smart growth and adding value to the market.”

“We’re glad to partner with another family-owned and employee-centered business,” adds Erik Duthie. “Especially considering all of the power and fire issues businesses have to deal with in California, this is an opportunity to offer even more choices that help our clients find their best backup power option.”

For over 50 years, Duthie Power Services has served as the largest independent generator and fire pump service provider in Southern California. The Duthie team specializes in generator sales, installations, rentals, routine maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency power restoration. The company’s commitment to using high-quality parts, coupled with fast, guaranteed customer service and preventative maintenance packages, have made them an industry leader. Duthie Power is a family-owned business and active member of BOMA San Diego (Building Owners and Managers Association), as well as EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) with offices in Long Beach and San Diego, California.

For more information about our partnership with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc., contact at 800-394-7697 and/or Shana Duthie at

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