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A Generator for Christmas? Giving Peace of Mind to Your Loved Ones


On the outside, a generator gift doesn’t seem like the most romantic under-the-holly present ever. (Although some do look surprisingly sleek!)

But in the darkest, coldest time of year (not to mention the wettest and dreariest), a generator means your loved ones can count on warmth and light. (As Duthie team member Korry discovered when a blizzard tore through her parents’ mountain town last Thanksgiving.) Continue reading to learn why you should buy a generator this season.

Especially in 2020, Christmas festivities will be more centered on our cozy, comfortable homes than ever before. Whether you have a “home alone” day like Kevin or cluster around the fireplace with your chosen family, the key to a heartwarming holiday season is — well, the warmth. Steaming hot chocolate, addictive electric blankets, savory home-cooked dinners, strings of sparkling Christmas lights, and your favorite holiday movies (does Die Hard count? No question about it) all depend on your home’s power. Since California’s electric grid is notoriously unpredictable, a home generator lets your loved ones curl up with Elf on the sofa without worries about a power interruption pulling them back to the real (and newly dark) world. 

It’s true that a generator is an investment — but it’s probably more affordable than you might think. You can get a sturdy portable generator for only a few hundred dollars, which helped Korry’s parents host a delightful 2019 Thanksgiving feast during a blizzard blackout. 

If you want your loved ones to have the convenience of a generator that automatically kicks in the instant a blackout starts, Duthie offers standby generators at customer-friendly prices. 

Not sure whether your recipient needs a portable or standby? See Duthie’s guide to choosing a portable vs. standby generator.

Either choice is a particularly appreciated gift for households in which a consistent electricity source isn’t just for convenience or entertainment — it’s essential. For example, Duthie customers include families who rely on medical home devices such as:

  • Heart monitors
  • Oxygen tanks
  • C-Pap machines
  • Power chairs
  • Home elevators & stair chairs

If one of your loved ones depends on such a device, the gift of a generator for Christmas could save their life in a blackout.

Whatever your loved ones’ needs, a generator gives them peace of mind: not just that they’ll enjoy a cozy holiday, but that they’ll keep power through all the surprises and natural events that come their way the whole year round. 

Interested in learning more about standby home generators? Get in touch with our home generator professionals at or just call us up at (866) 838-7962. We’d love to hear how we can help!

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