Duthie staff in front of offices for 50th anniversary.

What I’ve Learned from 50+ Years’ Experience: If You Want Business Growth, Prioritize Your Employees

Guest blog from Duthie Power’s Karen Herlitz When I was growing up on a Pennsylvania farm, I had no idea that I’d be among the first commercial computer programmers – mostly because they barely existed in the 1960’s.  In fact, my college didn’t even offer computer programming courses, so I enrolled in the Control Data Institute to learn several computer languages. And […]

Finishing The Decade Strong: Our 4 Proudest 2019 Accomplishments

Happy 2020 to all our Duthie customers & fans!  We’ve got some great stuff planned for the Roaring ‘20s (2.0) & are excited to share it with you soon. But before we jump to the future, let’s take a quick look back to celebrate our hard-working team’s biggest 2019 achievements:   1. Hello San Diego! Thanks to our loyal customers, we kicked […]

Graphic of a meter showing an arc from Poor to Good with the arrow pointed toward 74 on the Good side.

Here’s Our Secret to 176% Sweeter Customer Experience

There’s no sugarcoating this: our customers say that we’ve improved their customer experience by an amazing 176% since 2016. And not only that — on our 2019 NetPromoter survey, they said that our team scores a perfect 5/5 for quality of service! Check out how we were able to improve customer service. Please forgive the multiple exclamation points — we’re very excited […]