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Finishing The Decade Strong: Our 4 Proudest 2019 Accomplishments

Happy 2020 to all our Duthie customers & fans! 

We’ve got some great stuff planned for the Roaring ‘20s (2.0) & are excited to share it with you soon. But before we jump to the future, let’s take a quick look back to celebrate our hard-working team’s biggest 2019 achievements:


1. Hello San Diego!

Thanks to our loyal customers, we kicked off the year by expanding into San Diego. And thanks to our Escondido office & sales team, we can serve them — and all our new San Diego customers — better than ever before. 

San Diego clients have made that team busy; in fact, our San Diego Sales Engineer, Kyle Michael, has a special thank-you for them:

“Our San Diego County customers are largely responsible for our decision to expand. They know we’ve always been committed to making sure they experience timely service when they need it, and a dedicated warehouse and additional offices will ensure they continue to get that same quality service.”

Kyle is thankful for all the referrals Los Angeles clients have given Duthie as well: 

“So far the response to our new office has been unbelievable. I knew we had built a great reputation in the Los Angeles Area, but I did not expect so many referrals from Los Angeles as I began working in San Diego. Companies understand that we know their business.”

Randy Gross, Duthie Power’s Service Manager, was also touched by the Los Angeles referrals:

“We want our customers to have a seamless experience in every step of the service process…we strive to keep our customers informed and at the forefront of the process. I know this is why our current Los Angeles area customers are excited we are committing to San Diego County.”

So as 2020 begins our San Diego team is busy & thriving, thanks to you!  


2. Hello User-Friendly CRM!

Since the Duthie team is always looking for new ways to save clients’ time and energy, they knew that streamlining clients’ online processes was a must. 

“I was sure all our customers loved us,” explained Randy Gross, Duthie’s Service Manager, “but a customer survey found that we had lots of areas where we could be providing a more seamless level of service to our customers; where we needed to communicate better, send better reminders, be faster in the office, and have stronger processes. So we went to work on doing just that.”

This work included switching these processes over to the efficient and user-friendly Sugar CRM system. 

“Property managers and building engineers are extremely busy, and more and more is demanded of them every year,” explains General Manager Erik Duthie. “Many corporations manage thousands of properties, and their property managers are expected to manage multiple locations and lots of services.

“By focusing on the customer experience and making the way we do business easier for them, we take all the worry away as much as we can.”

And customers appreciated it — so much so, in fact, that they say Duthie’s improved their customer experience by 172% since 2016.

The faster, more convenient responses & services also led Duthie to a perfect 5/5 for quality of service, as shown in their 2019 NetPromoter customer survey. 

Of course, this isn’t only due to Sugar CRM…we implemented it in conjunction with our user-friendly Customer Portal. 

Which leads us to Achievement #3: 


3. Hello Easy Scheduling! 

To improve our customer service even more, we also launched quick online scheduling for you . 

Now you can sign up for text message reminders & alerts, upload photos, and schedule visits in a snap. 

If you haven’t used it before, just check it out on our Duthie mobile app or Duthie homepage’s top right corner. 


4. Hello Residential Customers!

Unfortunately, semi-regular power outages have become a part of Californian life. At more than 200 power outages a year (2016 saw 470), they affect California more than any other state. 

Now not only businesses, but also homes, often need backup generators — as Duthie Marketing Coordinator Korry Talbott discovered when her parents’ power went out on Thanksgiving and stayed out until Saturday. (Fortunately, her parents had a portable home generator…but neighbors had to sleep by their fireplaces and refrigerate their food in the snow.)

That’s why, as of fall 2019, you can now buy Champion home generators from Duthie’s online store & have them installed by our expert team. 

Our home generator sales & installations have gone swimmingly since we begun them, and we’re eager to continue the trend in 2020! 


What Will 2020 Hold?

We’ve got a few things up our sleeves, so keep an eye on this blog for weekly Duthie announcements, advice, tips, and helpful generator info. 

Meanwhile, happy Roaring ‘20s from the Duthie team!  

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