Big machines you may need for new generator installation

Big machines you may need for new generator installation

My name is Corinne Rodriguez. I have been with Duthie Power Services since 2013, and I project manage all our new equipment installations. Part of my expertise is in acquiring the big machines that you're going to need for a new equipment installation so, let's just start from the beginning. You’re going to need a way to offload the equipment itself. Your [...]
commercial generator replacement

What are the most common reasons for customers needing to fully replace their generator?

My name is Johnny Bradford, and I am here to talk to you about when to replace your emergency equipment generator or fire pump. There are certain times when you have to replace your equipment, such as catastrophic failures or when the unit is so old, the parts are obsolete. If your equipment hasn’t quite failed but you’re aware that repairing will [...]

Fuel Tank Replacement

Fuel Tank Replacement Hi, I'm Peter Thornton with Duthie Power Services, also known as “Ask Pete” on our website. Most generators that we sell today, the fuel tank is in the base of the generator, so its placement is wherever that generator is set. But that’s not always the case. The biggest reason for keeping the fuel tank close to the generator [...]
Duthie Power Services rental generator on a snowy mountaintop overlooking a valley.

What’s a Generator Doing There?! 4 Far-Out Places We’ve Installed Generators

  On top of a high-rise, in the middle of a cliff, on a mountaintop so remote that you need 4-wheel drive to reach it – in his 38 years at Duthie, Sales Engineer Mike Goodman’s seen Duthie technicians install and service equipment in almost any imaginable generator location. “Honestly, we have no limitations on our ability to service generators,” he says. […]