Desk calculator with invoices for energy and electric bills as elements of calculating a generator maintenance budget.

Why Should I Have a Generator Maintenance Budget?

Like any equipment, generators need some TLC from time to time. In fact, it’s the law: FDA 110 mandates that your generator equipment be professionally serviced according to their standards for fire safety equipment. This means that the cost of regular service visits should be part of your budget. So what should you set aside for your annual generator maintenance budget?  To find […]

Yellow, shiny glow to signify polished fuel.

Fuel Polishing: 6 Things You Need To Know

Like so many good things, diesel fuel doesn’t last forever. But fuel polishing can make it last a lot longer.  Why is this important?  Because left unused, generator fuel can go bad. And if your fuel goes bad, you’ll have not one but two new problems: First, you’ll have to pay for unnecessary new fuel.  Second, you’ll risk getting stuck in a […]

Freeway sign on an empty highway saying "New Normal Just Ahead."

What’s the New Normal for Generator Maintenance?

There’s a new normal for everything these days, and generator maintenance is no exception.   Limited staff, irregular building access, and financial uncertainty have made generator maintenance a challenge for several of our customers. In some cases, a furloughed site engineer means that another staff member is now responsible for maintaining equipment that they never needed to know about pre-pandemic.  So we’ve recently […]

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in California

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in the State of California AQMD – Setting the Rules for California Generator Emissions In California there is the Air Quality Management District. (AQMD) They are the ones that regulate and set the rules for emissions on all engine applications in the state of California. We are under very strict rules with the AQMD for […]